Sunday, January 07, 2007


What do I call the phenomenon am experiencing.” Post PCom Blues" or "Fultoo Vella Syndrome". Never in my life I extended my sleep beyond the normal 6 hours and here for past 3 days I have been sleeping over 10 hours a day. Sleeping Hunk huh...

However the best part is that am being what I always wanted to be, Free that is. Free at mind, Free at will…Free to go to National Parks and stroll like a lion(I can visualize sarcasm in Prabha’s eyes ) or to go to good classy plays.

Plays!Yah,coming to the crux, just now back from Chanakyashastra,a Corporate play based on the life of a typical MBA guy. The play was easy to identify with if not magnificent. It touched various issues of contemporary relevance. The enact basically revolved about establishing following 9 pointers(Chanakya’s Navratnas) of future leaders;

  1. When you are helpless, open your mind.
  2. Never reveal your plans and strategies to anybody.
  3. Make the masses dependent upon you.
  4. Stay unpredictable just to keep others interested in you.
  5. Learn to be the perfect courtier.
  6. Discover the chink in every man’s armor.
  7. Your success depends upon the truth inside you.
  8. Timing your action is very critical.
  9. Destroy the wicked man leaving no sign of him.

I am not very sure of the implications of all these pointers in social routine but would surely agree to the absolute relevance of some of them. Especially to state, I would back two pointers namely third and seventh. I personally have followed these two in my life with considerable success. Need to contemplate on the rest though. All in all, it was a good experience to watch the play unfolding inner plaits of human psychology. Looking forward to further probe into it.


  1. Hmm....Nice post....waise wud have helped if u had tagged along ur classmates too to such a relevent and interesting play...wud have helped em all...:)

  2. Yah,thts true Anonymous classmate..I seem to have seen this use of 'em' somewhr I think;-)

  3. hmmm.......... was just wondering ki isnt it makes ur life more complicated following this 9 ratnas or wtever i mean life wd b very simple if one follows his/her heart ............tht is wt i have been doing nd i think i m ver hapy with it

  4. Well,well..Did ever say tht I follow these Navratnas in my life.I just said I watched a play in which these were stated and then I found myself close to two of them.These all at the same time would make anybody's life confused as hell!!!

  5. are yaar i never said that ki u follow all tose ratnas i just put my thgt fwd........... and was just wondering wt wud b yours :)

  6. HaHaHa..wat would be mine...well gotta think about it..mabe wl take another post to discover..Thnx for raising the stuff...